Products Offered

Below you will find a brief outline of the products offered at Cannaceutics.  We are happy to go over our offerings over the telephone and answer any questions that are not answered below.

You are also able to view medicine available via our Member Store.

Cannabis Flower

We offer a variety of over 40 different sativa, indica, sativa-dominant and indica-dominant hybrid cannabis flowers.  The strains offered each week varies.  New strains are brought in every Tuesday and a list of our anticipated upcoming strains can be found here: Upcoming Strains

Edible Cannabis

We offer a wide variety of edible options and do our best to bring in new products on a regular basis.  These include traditional edibles like brownies, chocolate bars, butter, cookies and candy.  Cannaceutics also offers capsules, tincture, chocolate milk and ice cream.  These are just a few products offered and they can vary week to week.


We offer products such as honeycomb wax (BHO), kief topper, hash, cure oil and salves.


We offer a variety of both feminized and regular seeds.  It is our goal to ultimately offer seeds for all varieties offered by Cannaceutics.