House Committee Blocks Medical Marijuana Protections

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“Wednesday’s action was a setback, but it doesn’t mean the measure is dead. A version of the same MMJ protections is included in the Senate appropriations bill that was approved in July. That means the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer language might survive in the final version of the bill hammered out in a joint House-Senate reconciliation committee.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), the amendment’s cosponsor, noted in a tweet that a vast majority of Americans and members of Congress supported the rights of medical marijuana patients…”

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Greek Cannahoney Cake

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Shanah tovah! Cannaceutics would like to celebrate bringing in our organic Cannahoney with a (non-traditional) honey cake recipe! Traditional honey cakes tend to be less sweet and a little drier than, say, a light, fluffy-textured birthday cake. I love a piece of a less-sweet-than-usual cake with a cup of coffee, but that’s for, like, an ordinary Wednesday afternoon, not a celebration. I went a little different way and chose a Greek honey cheesecake. The fat from the ricotta cheese will enhance the effects of your medicine!

I had always been afraid of cheesecake recipes, having heard how hard it was to get them to come out right. Honestly, this recipe seemed like a breeze – and I haven’t baked anything in many, many years! The only real issue I found is during baking, when a cheesecake can crack on top. It’s only an aesthetic thing, and you’ll be topping yours with sugar and spices, so put away any worry about a crack, and if you get one, hide it with something tasty!

I went with 8 servings out of a 9″ pie pan, getting about 17mgs of THC per piece. The entire cake will have 136mgs of THC, so just divide 136 by the number of pieces you decide to cut to get the milligrams per piece.

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Honey and Coconut Oil Are Here!

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Cannaceutics is happy to announce we have added organic medicated honey and coconut oil to our products on offer! How cute is this guy?

Our organic cannabis honey comes in a 6-ounce “honey bear” container. As with most of our edibles, Cannaceutics makes its cannahoney with whole cannabis plant extract, and the oil is emulsified (mixed in) using lecithin, a natural food additive that ensures that the cannabis oil does not separate from the honey. Using cannabis extract rather than infusing the honey with flower buds kicks up the THC content and helps the honey to metabolize efficiently in our bodies, which means it’s very effective for pain! Our honey contains 318mgs of THC and 36.6mgs of CBD for the full bear. That breaks down to about 10mgs of THC per teaspoon and there are 32 teaspoons (doses) in the container. You can use the honey in the exact same ways you use non-medicated honey; for sweetening tea or coffee, on toast or in a peanut butter and honey sandwich, or you can substitute the honey for other sweeteners like white sugar (be sure to look up the equivalents for subbing a liquid sweetener: 2T of honey will generally not produce the same result as 2T of granulated sugar, especially if you’re baking.)

There are plenty of benefits to honey even when it’s non-medicated. Some people apply honey directly to the skin for wound healing, burns, and sunburn, or as part of a facial mask. Medicated honey might be even more effective for wound healing, since cannabis has shown promise in reducing acne and skin irritations like eczema. Honey has also been shown to reduce H.pylori bacteria, the cause of stomach ulcers.

Our new organic medicated coconut oil comes in a 3-ounce jar that contains 215mgs of THC and 25mgs of CBD.  That’s about 36mgs of THC per tablespoon, or about 12mgs per teaspoon. The oil can also be used exactly as you would use regular coconut oil; most people use it for cooking or baking, but you can also toss a tablespoon into a smoothie for extra nutrition and medication, or even do a medicated version of bulletproof coffee, if you have a high-speed or immersion blender. Coconut oil can be used for an all-over moisturizer; it aids in wound healing and may lessen scarring. Combined with a few drops of an essential oil, it could even be used as a cannabis-infused massage oil!

Medicated Coconut Oil Krispie Treats

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Cannaceutics is celebrating! We recently added medicated coconut oil to our menu, so let’s all have a treat! I’ve adapted this recipe to use both coconut oil and butter; the flavor seems to be better when both are used – all butter will be a more familiar flavor for most people, and coconut oil lends a nuttier flavor to the finished treats. The addition of sprinkles at the end is not optional! Sprinkles for all!

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Leafly’s Vape Buyers’ Guide

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Cannaceutics has been in the process of expanding to better meet our patients’ needs! Most of you have seen our new, larger waiting area, and one of our final renovations will be adding a retail section, where you can buy items like pipes, papers, and vapes. Cannaceutics will not be carrying the “cartridge” type oil vapes due to the potential health problems associated with them, so it might be a good time to look into what other types of vaporizer you might like. Leafly has a good list of a few things to consider if you’re in the market for a new vape.

Leafly’s Vape Buyer’s Guide