Cannabis Critics Lend Legitimacy to Legalization Movement

Cannaceutics Inc., News

Our friends over at VICE have an interesting piece about the unusual professions the cannabis industry is spawning, like “cannabis critics”, the people who sample new strains and tell you all about them. Since cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug and consequently no one can do true, recorded research, dispensaries and producers have long had to rely on feedback from users in order to be able to describe their medicine’s unique qualities. At Cannaceutics, our strain characteristics and reviews come from our patients telling us how the medicine affected them.

“We are the frontline guinea pigs for legalization. We try these various strains to show that there’s a very big difference between them, and different people need them for different reasons,” [critic Jake] Browne continues. “The more that becomes normalized, the better we’ll be able to serve people.”

The normalization of the cannabis industry is important in the sense that cannabis is still seen by many people as a dangerous, addictive drug that will definitely lead to other, harder drugs. It helps to see a cannabis review in a mainstream newspaper, rather than in an alternative weekly publication, or not at all. It’s a positive thing that cannabis users come from all walks of life, from many income levels, and many segments of society. The old “stoner stereotype” doesn’t really fit the majority of patients anymore, either. Sure, you’ll still see plenty of tie-dye and Birkenstocks in dispensary waiting rooms, but you’ll see more and more professionals in business dress, parents bringing their kids with them to pick up medicine, and retired people, just like in a pharmacy.

Check out the column at VICE for a look at cannabis criticism.