Cannaceutics Discounts

Cannaceutics Discounts

Cannaceutics Discounts, Cannaceutics Inc.

Cannaceutics offers several ways for patients to save money on medicine!

New Patient Freebies: Cannaceutics offers our newly registered patients a glass jar to hold your medicine and a lanyard for your keys. Your medicine will retain its freshness longer when it is stored in glass and in a dark place! Extra jars are available for $2 cash.

Birthday Discount: Birthday boys and girls receive a 20% discount on one purchase of anything that is not already discounted. Your birthday discount is available to be used for 7 days before and 7 days after your birthday – that’s a full 15 days to come in and receive your discount!

Veteran’s Discount: In appreciation for their service, veterans receive 10% off all items which are not already discounted. Just bring in your military ID or DD-214 to receive your discount.

Referral Discount: Referral discount cards are available! Write your patient ID number (located on the back of your cannabis card, underneath the bar code) on the front of the referral card and give it to a cannabis patient who has never been to Cannaceutics. When that patient signs up with us, they will receive a 15% discount *that day only* on any items that are not already on sale, and you will receive a 15% discount applied to your account to use whenever you like.

Loyalty Card: Pick up a loyalty card and receive one punch per day to earn your way toward a free edible (up to a $13.00 value) or a free pre-rolled joint. Learn more about the loyalty program here.

Cannaceutics does not combine discounts. The highest discount available per item will be applied at the time of purchase.

Cannaceutics Loyalty Program

Cannaceutics Discounts, Cannaceutics Inc.

Here at Cannaceutics, we’re always looking for ways to save our patients money. Our loyalty card gives patients a way to earn a free edible item or a free pre-rolled joint.

Loyalty Card

When you visit Cannaceutics and make a purchase, your card will be punched (limit one punch per day). On your 5th visit, you will have earned a free edible item (up to $13.00 value) or a free pre-rolled joint ($9.00 value). The only edible excluded from this offer is our Extra Strength Bar. Joints contain one gram of either sativa blend or indica blend flower.

If you misplace your card, just ask us for another; if you find the original later, bring it in and we’ll combine the two so you don’t miss out on what you’ve earned.

Check out Cannaceutics Discounts to learn more ways you can save on your medicine.